Iron Oak Holdings, LLC is a real estate holdings and investment company. We specialize in seeking, evaluating, and purchasing residential real estate for the purpose of creating passive income and long-term wealth.
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-Our story

 Iron Oak Holdings, LLC is a real estate investment company owned and operated by Samantha and Christopher Miles. 


In 2016, we discovered a passion for real estate and went on to establish Iron Oak Holdings with the aim to professionalize our investment activities, provide a platform for collaborative partnerships, and realize our dreams of achieving financial freedom by doing what we love- investing in real estate! Together, we leverage our individual strengths to drive the success of our business. 



Samantha Miles
Samantha utilizes her leadership and communication skills to expand the professional networks of Iron Oak by growing the brand and seeking partners for collaborative investment opportunities. She leads the establishment and maintenance of relationships with investment partners, agents and other real estate professionals, lenders, accountants, and legal advisers.
She is a member of several Real Estate Investor Associations across Florida and has 10 years of international professional experience in leadership roles throughout the public and private education sector. She obtained a MEd in Higher Education Leadership from Florida Atlantic University, USA and a BS in Elementary Education from University of Central Florida, USA. 
We take pride in conducting all of our business dealings with honesty, transparency, and honor.  
We believe that collaboration is the foundation for success and commit to working with partners and real estate professionals to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.  
We practice efficiency in all aspects of our business to ensure quality and maximize return on investment. 
We live the motto 'grow always in all ways' and believe that there is no limit to success when your aim exceeds your reach and you live each day with a growth-mindset! 
christopher Miles
Christopher leverages his analytical and operational skills to oversee the cost-benefit analysis for all investment properties and strategically manage assets. He is responsible for long-term financial planning, quality assurance, acquisition strategy, recordkeeping, and reporting.

Christopher possesses 12 years of professional experience as a civil engineer/ project director and has worked on a diverse array of international projects ranging in size from $50,000 to $30 million (USD). He has successfully worked in the US, Australia, Asia and throughout the Middle East. His management style focuses on maximizing efficiency to ensure successful outcomes. He obtained a BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Central Florida, USA. 


At Iron Oak Holdings, our business strategy is simple.* 


great deals on investment properties 


in those great deals using a variety of strategies  


assets diligently to ensure maximum returns 


Our objective is to achieve true financial freedom for ourselves and our partners. For us, this independence is much more than simply having money in the bank - It’s the freedom to spend our days doing exactly want we want to do; from traveling the world to spending quality time with the people we love.


We use our investments as a tool to: 


  1. Create passive income, leading to long-term wealth for us and our partners.

  2. Help others achieve success through education, mutually beneficial collaborations, and partnerships.  

  3. Have a positive impact on our community by providing quality accommodations and caring for the needs of our tenants.


We currently invest in residential properties in Florida including single family homes, vacation rentals, small multi-family, and commercial-sized residential units in Florida.  We implement a value-add, leveraged, buy-and-hold strategy. We evaluate prospective investments using a comprehensive analysis that considers all relevant expenses versus income, allowing us to accurately gauge return on investment.


We use our investments to create wealth through: 


  1. Positive Cash Flow

  2. Property Appreciation 

  3. Loan Pay-Down

  4. Tax Advantages

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We believe that the key to success is surrounding yourself with a great team! We pride ourselves on developing and maintaining outstanding relations with: 


Fellow Investors - Potential  Partners Lenders - Brokers - Property Managers 

Tax & Legal Advisors  - Contractors 


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